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Contract Theory and Implementation

"Getting Dynamic Implementation to Work" (with Yi-Chun Chen, Richard Holden, Takashi Kunimoto, and Yifei Sun) Forthcoming at the Journal of Political Economy [download article] [sample instructions for experiments 1 and 2] [sample instructions for experiment 3] 

[instruction repository] 

"Behavioral Constraints on the Design of Subgame-Perfect Implementation Mechanisms" (with Ernst Fehr and Michael Powell) American Economic Review. vol 111(4). Pages 1055-1091. April 2021 [download Final Version of Article]  [download 2018 Version with Perfect Bayesian Retaliation Equilibrium]

"The Role of Bounded Rationality and Imperfect Information in Subgame Perfect Implementation - An Empirical Investigation" (with Philipe Aghion, Ernst Fehr, and Richard Holden) Journal of the European Economic Associationvol 16(1). pages 232-274.  January 2018. [download article]

"Recursive Contracts, Firm Longevity, and Rat Races: An Experimental Analysis"

(with Peter Bardsley, Nisvan Erkal and Nikos Nikiforakis)  European Economic Review. vol. 61, pages 217-231. July 2013. [download article] [download instructions]

The Lure of Authority:  Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power" (with Ernst Fehr and Holger Herz) The American Economic Review. vol. 103(4). pages 1325-59. June 2013.  [download article] [translated instructions]

Experimental Economics

"Wicked Defaults" (with Andreas Ortmann, Dmitry Ryvkin, and Jingjing Zhang) [download article]

"Defaults and Cognitive Effort" (with Andreas Ortmann, Dmitry Ryvkin, and Jingjing Zhang) [download article]  Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

"Cognitive Heterogeneity and Complex Belief Elicitation" (with Ingrid Burfurd) Experimental Economics. vol 25. Pages 557-592. January 2022.  [download paper and instructions

"Experimental Guidance for Eliciting Beliefs with the Stochastic Becker-Degroot-Marshack Mechanism" (with Ingrid Burfurd)  Journal of the Economic Science Association. vol 4(1). pages 15-28.  July 2018. [download article]

"Evaluating the Impact of Visualization of Wildfire Hazard Upon Decision-Making Uncertainty" (with Lisa Cheong, Susan Bleisch, Allison Kelly, Kevin Tolhurst, and Matt Duckham) International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol. 30(7). pages 1377-1404. January 2016. [link to article]

"Normative Conflict & Feuds:  The Limits of Self-Enforceement" (with Nikos Nikiforakis and Charles N. Noussair) Journal of Public Economics. vol. 96(9-10), pages 797-807. October 2012 [link to article] 

"Experimental Economics:  Rethinking the Rules,"  The Economic Record, The Economic Society of Australia, vol. 87(276), pages 178-180, March 2011 
[download article]

Information Economics

"Information and the Persistence of Private-Order Contractual Enforcement Institutions:  An Experimental Analysis" European Economic Review, vol. 89. pages 193-215. October 2016. [download article]

 "Regulatory Fog:  The Informational Origins of Regulatory Persistence" (with Patrick Warren) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. vol. 84(3), pages 840-856. December 2012. [download working paper] [link to article]

Market Design

"Market Design for Land Trade:  Evidence from Uganda and Kenya" (with Gharad Bryan, Jonathan de Quidt, Marijose Silva-Vargas, and Nitin Yadav) [download article]

 "Protecting Antiquities:  A Role for Long-Term Leases?" (with Michael Kremer) [download article]

"Two-Sided Allocation Problems, Decomposability, and the Impossibility of Efficient Trade" (with David Delacretaz, Simon Loertscher, and Leslie Marx)  Journal of Economic Theory.  vol 179. pages 416-454.  January 2019.  [download article]

"A Long Way Coming:  Designing Centralized Markets with Privately Informed Buyers and Sellers" (with Simon Loertscher and Leslie Marx) Journal of Economic Literature. vol. 53(4). pages 857-97. December 2015.  [download article]

"Auction and Economic Design" (with Simon Loertscher) The Australian Economic Review, vol.  44(3), pages 347-354, September 2011

Wisdom of Crowds

"Using Cross-Domain Expertise to Aggregate Judgments when Within-Domain Expertise is Unknown" (with Peirs Howe and Marcellin Martinie) [download article] Revise and Resubmit at Decision

"Hidden Experts in the Crowd:  Using Meta-Predictions to Leverage Expertise in Single-Question Prediction Problems" (with Marcellin Martinie and Piers D.L. Howe)  Management Science. January 2022. [author accepted manuscript] [link to published version]

"Using Meta-Predicitons to Identify Experts in the Crowd when Past Performance is Unknown" (with Marcellin Martinie and Piers D.L.Howe) PLoS ONE 15(4): e0232058, pages 1-11. April 2020. [link to paper]